Saturday, October 1, 2011

feelin' frightful

it is quite easy to say or give advice to someone than it is to take those same advice, quite frankly because all you have to do is say the words and the person your giving advice to has to be the one to do the action which is usually so much harder.

I have had various encouragement, safety, love and etc talks with my friends or acquaintances and had given my fair share of advice to them when they consult with me or just want a sound wall to vent to. As I am right now i am afraid and anxious, feeling no safety in my own home (as explained by my previous post). the quote i posted before is too true that it just makes it even harder.

To be aware that at any moment in your life someone or something can happen that would turn your life too painful is positively horrible to feel. it wakes us up from our dreams of bad things only happening to other people. It makes you realize the fatality of it all, how weak we actually are as a person and the lengths your are willing to go to feel safe again, if you can feel safe again, or for that matter be the same person you were.

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